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Topics for Seminars / Courses:

Topics I've spoken / written on have been numerous and have included issues such as:

I can offer 1-hour, 2-hour, 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day courses and seminars on any of the above.

I can also research and talk on other subjects (of your choosing) if paid for my research and time for putting together the presentation.

Career Progression:
'PA' should stand for 'Particularly Ambitious'
Becoming more proactive about your work, career and CPD
Future planning
Moving from being a great PA to an Exceptional Assistant
Change management - are you ready for change?

Conflict Management:
How to handle difficult situations in the workplace
PA and Boss / Co-Worker interactions
The challenges of working with more than one manager

Connecting and building relationships:
Networking and its importance in your role, your career, your future

Emotional Intelligence:
EI in the workplace and beyond
Right brain / left brain theory

How to:
Create perfect presentations
Create your purple folder
Deal with constraints on your time
Manage email
Manage meetings effectively and improve your minute taking skills
Prepare for your appraisal
Problem solving techniques and decision making tools

Working with different personality styles
Your leadership skills, strengths and weaknesses

Marketing and Public Relations:
'Good press or bad press is all the same, isn't it?'
The role of Social Media in your organisation

Project management:
Using Mind Mapping Techniques and Gantt charts
Half-page workshop on Project Management
Angela Garry
trading as 'Pica Aurum'

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