Etymology of the name 'Pica Aurum'

The European Magpie (latin name: pica pica) holds a special place in my heart for personal reasons. As a Personal Assistant myself, I'm absolutely passionate that PAs and EAs and senior admins need to be able to see - AND REACH - their potential, the gold within themselves.

When creating my company, I combined these images - the beautiful magpie seeing it's own golden reflection - hence the "golden magpie" of
Pica Aurum...

'Here comes the science bit...'

Scientific research in 2009 shows that the European Magpie is one of a very small number of creatures on earth which has the ability to recognise itself in a mirror test, distinguishing between seeing a reflection of itself in a mirror and seeing other magpies around itself.

Until this research, it was thought that only some apes and gorillas, along with humans, had this ability, which is deemed to be held in the neocortex of the brain. However, neuroscience theories now have to be reconfigured, as birds do not HAVE a neocortex in their brains.

The magpie is one of the largest birds, and through research tests, placing coloured stickers on its feathers, it has been shown that it is capable of recognising itself in a mirror.

This research is significant - it is stated that the magpie has the ability to self-reflect, it has a sense of self.

This humanised the magpie further for me, highlighting aspects of self psychology and tying in with my psychotherapy training, as well as my PA training work.

Click the PLAY Button to watch the video for a brief explanation of the research.
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