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An innovative self-directed learning offer
Angela Garry trading as 'Pica Aurum'

"Find the gold within yourself with Pica Aurum"
World class training, mentoring & coaching for world class Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants & Admins
from the world's most connected PA & PA Trainer ANGELA GARRY
Course handbooks (with slides) from Angela's highly successful "Pica Aurum Training courses for PAs" are now available for you to learn at your own pace. Purchase of a course handbook includes 2 hours of personalised tuition with Angela Garry. These can be taken as 2 x 60min, or 4 x 30min Skype calls - at times / dates to suit you. You can work your way through the handbook and decide when you want to use the Skype calls, and for what purpose - to discuss the course contents, further your Professional Development, discuss career goals, or whatever you choose.
These are priced at £200 per course handbook.

Available via
Amazon.co.uk - course 1 / course 2
Amazon.com - course 1 / course 2.
Two Essential Days for PAs: course 1
contains 2 one-day workshops:

"Be a Multi-Tasking Miracle Maker"
Methods and techniques for dealing with time-wasters, interruptions, constant phone calls and streams of visitors to your office; working with toxic colleagues, awkward management styles and difficult customers; handling multiple requests for your time and working for several managers; juggling large numbers of tasks whilst keeping a clear head; coping with an Executive's ridiculously busy inbox as well as your own; and most of all, ensuring that you can maintain a level of sanity, keep a healthy work/life balance and demonstrate whole-hearted professionalism throughout.


"An Introduction to Project Management for PAs".
Whether you're an administrative assistant, secretary, executive secretary or another member of the administrative support staff, now you can get the skills that spell project management success - scheduling, budgeting and planning. Learn how project management for administrative professionals will help you take a project from conception to completion. Also includes: tips on organising a large event, plus a range of problem-solving and decision-making skills which will be vital in managing projects, and using Mind Mapping Techniques and Gantt charts.
Two 'How to' Days for Tomorrow's PA: course 2

This includes eight essential topics to ensure you are ready for tomorrow's challenges:
perfect presentations, overflowing inboxes, purple folder, pereparing for your performance appraisal, social media in relation to your company and YOU, managing change, minute-taking and managing meetings, networking and building relationships

Vital seminars on how to move forward within your role, covering practical points, technological breakthroughs, utilising social media, building on your existing skills, managing change, and leading both your manager and your role to success.

Interspersed between the main training seminars are shorter sessions, themed around Developing Your Ambitions (day one) and Handling Stress (day two).