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A selection of my course bookings:

• Training for PAs in International Schools in Bucharest (via COBIS) and Nairobi (via AISA) - 2016
• Speaker at Office* 2015 -
London - 2015
• Training for PAs (via British School in Tokyo) -
Tokyo - 2015
• Pica Aurum Training for PAs - Courses 1 and 2 - various venues across Europe - 2014 to 2016
• Notes and Minutes masterclass workshop for PAs (World Trade Organisation) -
Geneva - 2014
• Training for corporate PAs in Africa - "Three Days towards being Exceptional" -
Nairobi and Arusha - 2014
• Training for PAs in International Schools (via KSI Thailand) in
Bangkok and Chiang Mai - 2014 to 2015
• Career Development workshop for PA Life's Training Courses Programme,
London, May 2014, Nov 2014
• Training for PAs in International Schools (via KSI Thailand) in
Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok and Beijing - 2013
EUMA meeting,
• Headmaster's PA conference, Winchester
• ExecSec Summit, Northamptonshire
• Project Management workshop for PAs in
Johannesburg (South Africa) - Nov 2012
Moscow: Innova conference for PAs - Oct 2012
• Training for PAs in International Schools (via KSI Thailand) in
Bangkok and Hong Kong - July 2012
Oslo, Norway: EUMA Norway - guest speaker - June 2012
Heythrop Park, UK: ExecSec Summit - guest speaker - April 2012
Stratford upon Avon, UK: EUMA West Midlands - PA training Event - guest speaker - January 2012
Nottingham, UK: EUMA East Midlands - running PA training and networking events - throughout 2011
London, UK: RSVP expo / trade show - Speaker in the RSVPA PA Seminar programme - April 2011
Dublin, Ireland: Executive Secretary and PA Forum - Speaker and Paneliist - May 2011

My articles and publications:
I've written regularly since 2009 for several PA magazines, including:
Executive Secretary - guest writer, and featured Profile in the relaunch issue in March 2011;
Executive PA- featured / quoted in articles since 2011;
PA Life - featured / quoted since November 2011, and monthly columnist during 2012/2013.
NAHPA National Association of Headteachers' PAs magazine - featured since May 2009, Editor from Feb 2012. Magazine owner and publisher from 2015.
• My books for PAs are "Brave PAs" (education) and "The PA & EA Circus" (all industries).
Angela Garry
trading as 'Pica Aurum'

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