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Distance Learning opportunity
An innovative self-directed learning offer
Course handbooks (with slides) from Angela's highly successful "Pica Aurum Training courses for PAs" are now available for you to learn at your own pace.
Purchase includes 2 hours of personalised tuition with Angela Garry - as 2 x 60min, or 4 x 30min Skype calls. More details HERE.
Course 1:
"Be a Multi-Tasking Miracle Maker" and "Project Management for PAs".
Course 2:
Essential "how to" topics which are vital for every PA / EA.
These course handbooks are available now
Amazon.co.uk - course 1 / course 2
Amazon.com - course 1 / course 2.
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(+44) (0) 7707 688437.

For my other webpages visit:www.angelagarry.com
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"Find the gold within yourself with Pica Aurum"

Author, magazine editor, trainer, mentor & coach for Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants & Admins
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Feeling stuck in a rut and need some help planning your future? Or are you facing big changes at work: promotion, redundancy, retirement, new boss, or looking for a move - and struggling with it all? Let me help you create a path towards success, via Skype & email.
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