Helene's books for adults:

Underfoot in Showbusiness - the first of Helene's autobiographical books, detailing the trials and tribulations of a would-be playwright in New York

84 Charing Cross Road - correspondence between Helene and Frank Doel at the Marks & Co bookshop in London

Apple of My Eye - Helene's journey of discovery around her "home city" when asked to write the text for a book of photos of New York

The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street - the diary of Helene's first visit to the UK

Q's Legacy - further visits to the UK, including her love of the works of Cambridge don Arthur Quiller Couch

Letters from New York - the scripts from Helene's monthly broadcasts via the BBC's Woman's Hour radio broadcasts between 1978 and 1984

Omnibus - Underfoot, 84, Duchess, Apple and Q, all in one volume.
Books by Helene Hanff
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Books for Adults
Books for Students
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Helene's books for students / teens:

Battle for New Orleans (Living History program) - 1961

The signing of the Constitution (Know your America program) - 1961

John F Kennedy: young man of destiny (Know your America program) - 1965

Early Settlers in America: Jamestown, Plymouth and Salem (A who, when, where book) - 1965

Good neighbours: the Peace Corps in Latin America (A who, when, where book) - 1966
Religious Freedom: the American Story (A who, when, where book) - 1966

Mexico (Around the World program) - 1967

Paraguay and Uruguay (Around the World program) - 1967

Our Nation's Capitol (Know your America program) - 1967

Queen of England: story of Elizabeth I - 1969

The Movers and Shakers: young activists of the sixties - 1970
Books for Children
Helene's books for small children:

Butch Elects a Mayor

Terrible Thomas
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