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Restructuring, redundancy or approaching retirement - all of which can come as a 'shock to the system' after many years of working in a particular role or industry. You might need some help with finding a work / life balance after you realise that, as much as you enjoy your job, you have somehow reached the point where you are simply living to work. You might need help with re-integrating into the work environment after an illness or maternity leave, or with a change in who you work for / with. You might be looking for ways to deal with conflict or anything else which worries you about your work.

Switching to a new career, or starting your own business - do you need some coaching on how to go about it. Or are you about to start managing a team for the first time, and want to build some leadership and management skills?

Low on confidence about social situations, public speaking or attending interviews, or because you are shy or full of self-doubt - together, we can work on this. I can help you to audit your skills, explore training / CPD options, build a new CV and apply for jobs, "prep" you for interviews" and offer methods to build your confidence so that you don't feel held back.

Career changes, developments, about turns, startups: if you are looking for some clarity on where you are, where you are heading, how to get there, how to change course, then contact me and let's get to work!

I can work with you via email or by phone / Skype - book your session(s) now!
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Coaching 2
• Goal setting to suit your ambitions
• Resume / CV & Interview Skills
• Identifying Skill-Gaps and Training Needs
• Balancing Work, Life, Family
• Developing in your Current Role
• Changing Career or Taking a Break from Work
• Re-entering the Workplace, Redundancy, Retirement
• Choosing your Future Path
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