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• Goal setting to suit your ambitions
• Resume / CV & Interview Skills
• Identifying Skill-Gaps and Training Needs
• Balancing Work, Life, Family
• Developing in your Current Role
• Changing Career or Taking a Break from Work
• Re-entering the Workplace, Redundancy, Retirement
• Choosing your Future Path
There a multitude of areas where Career Coaching and Mentoring could help you:

You might be facing restructuring, redundancy or approaching retirement

Are you perhaps thinking about switching to a new career, or starting your own business, and need some coaching on how to go about it?

Are you about to start managing a team for the first time, and want to build some leadership and management skills?

You might feel low on confidence about social situations, public speaking or attending interviews, or because you are shy or full of self-doubt .

Career changes, developments, about turns, startups.

Major moves with family / partner.

Any and all of these issues can cause you difficulties which you might wish to work on.

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