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We all have huge potential - but most of us need some assistance in first of all seeing it, working towards it, and in accepting who and what we are. Our present can be influenced by our past - but we have the capacity to change our future.

That's what
Golden Magpie Life & Career Coaching is about - helping you to be your future self, whether that be through providing a life coaching boost to help your reach your aims and goals, career coaching and mentoring to develop or even change career, or looking at work issues you want to resolve.

Golden Magpie Life & Careeer Coaching I offer a free 20-minute initial consultation to ascertain which service suits you and the issues you wish to start to work on - click here to book.

I can provide a mobile service in Derby and Nottingham where we can meet at a venue that suits you: this could be your home or your workplace - with further sessions on a similar basis or conducted by telephone or Skype, if appropriate. For those further afield, we will work via email, phone or Skype.

The work that we do will always be at a pace dictated by you, at regular times that suit you - daytime / evenings / weekends - and there's no limit to the number of sessions you may have.
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