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Gail Welsh
Bonnie Low Kramen
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I would seriously recommend that every PA (no matter where they work or what stage they are in their career) invest in a copy of Brave PAs.
They should also keep this magnificent gem stone polished and upper most in their bravery bag - this is certainly my aim.
The book is an education in itself - you learn something new on every page. It is inspiring, encouraging, resourceful, emotional, makes you smile and above all a fantastic reference guide to being a first class PA in today's world.
Thank you, Angela, for sharing your words of wisdom through your own personal PA journey.

Gail Welsh, Scottish PA of the Year 2014
(c) Angela Garry 2015
About the Author
About the Book
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The title, 'Brave PAs' says it all.
Angela Garry uses every bit of her years of experience in education to drill down to the essence of what it means to be an outstanding PA. Facing the fears that confront PAs every day does indeed take bravery.
Angela shows the way with humor and in glowing detail. By the end of the book, you will know with absolute certainty if this is the career for you and if the answer is yes, you will have your guide.

Bonnie Low-Kramen, Author of "Be the Ultimate Assistant
Executive PA magazine (Mar/Apr 2015, pg 7) names "Brave PAs" as the 'PA BIBLE'. Click image below...