PA Trainer / Public speaker:
“Angela is possibly the most passioniate, committed and dedicated PA I have ever met. She has excellent values in life and really strives to be the very best at whatever she is doing. I have met Angela on several occasions at EUMA events and her knowledge in what she does is outstanding. A credit to her present employer, EUMA and to anyone that knows her.” Melissa Burnside, Office Manager, Hays.
“I heard Angela speak at the RSVP event in London 2011. Angela is undoubtedly a busy, organised Executive PA who thrives on multi-tasking. With her first-hand knowledge and extensive experience of a PA role, she was able to engage her audience with her honest, down-to-earth presentation style ...” Lindsay Taylor, Workshop Leader for "Be a PA with PA - Perfect Awareness" workshop, Your Excellency Ltd.
“Angela Garry is highly skilled and willing to help others, has a wonderful bubbly personality, is full of energy and WOW she's an excellent singer as well!! Angela is a role model for every PA...” Sue France, Author, former UK National Chairman for EUMA.

Personal Assistant: Recommendations from my managers in my last 4 roles:
"Angela is the cog around which the many conflicting pressures of the Academy revolve." David Harris, Principal, Nottingham University Samworth Academy, UK.
“Angela is a first class administrator, with outstanding skills and high levels of initiative.” Ian Peters, CEO at CNA International, Castle Donington, UK..
“Angela is an extremely bright and capable individual who brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.” Pete Marsden CIO, Egg PLC, Derby, UK..
“Angela was a highly flexible, resourceful and able PA whose role expanded to take in IT supervision and also a comprehensive office relocation. Always cheerful, politically & commercially astute and aware and well able to deal with staff and external business contacts at all levels, from local councillors and business people to Government Ministers.” Colin Hetherington, CEO at Shannon Foynes Port Company, Foynes, Ireland.

'Times / Hays' 2011 and 'Sec-Ed' 2010 PA of the Year finalist:
“I had the great pleasure of interviewing Angela in my capacity as a judge of The Times/Hays PA of the Year in 2011 Awards. Angela was an exceptional shortlisted candidate and demonstrated complete commitment and passion in her role as a PA. What struck me about Angela was her unwavering dedication, not only to her own boss and organisation, but also to the PA community as a whole. She has a mass of energy for developing and pushing herself and passes that on to all she meets. Angela is an impressive example of how PAs can stretch themselves in all areas of business and in life, the PA community is lucky to have her.” Susie Barron-Stubley, Managing Director, Castalia Coaching & Training.
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