I am a trained Teacher, with a Diploma in Coaching and a PG Cert in Integrative
Psychotherapy. I also have 24 years' experience of working closely with people in PA
and Administrative roles.

I studied for my BSc in Education and Mathematics plus Qualified Teacher Status at the University of Exeter (graduating in 1991), and for my Diploma in Coaching with the now defunct Palumbo Coaching School. I gained my Post Graduate Certificate in Integrative Psychotherapy from Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute, accredited by the University of Coventry. I'm a firm believer in LifeLongLearning and attained PRINCEII Practitioner status in 2015 - and I'm looking for my next piece of learning!

Golden Magpie - Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Therapy:

Through Golden Magpie I offer three services to help you reach your potential: Life Coaching, Career Coaching, and Therapy. We all have huge potential - but most of us need some assistance in first of all seeing it, working towards it, and in accepting who and what we are. Our present can be influenced by our past - but we have the capacity to change our future. That's where I can help you to become your future self, whether that be helping you to resolve issues, providing a life coaching boost to help your reach your aims and goals, or examining your career to date in order to help you develop further, adapt to changes like retirement or redudancy, or change career.

I can offer a safe environment and relationship for you to explore your issues. - and will work with you in a way that will be tailored around you and your own personal needs. Please visit
www.goldenmagpie.co.uk for more details and to book an introductory session.

Coaching and Therapy aren't 'cures' - they can’t work miracles, but they can boost confidence and self-esteem, help to untangle emotional dilemmas, provide support for grief or trauma, enable courage to face the world again after illness or divorce or loss, and ignite a spark of appreciative thinking about one’s place in the world.

Coaching and therapy can’t, sadly, give us the physique of a ballet dancer or the sporting skills of a Spanish footballer, nor take us back in time to prevent abuse or family breakdown.

But looking at your issues and working on them can help you to better process your emotions. Using integrative psychotherapy approaches can help to unpick unhelpful patterns from your past that are still tripping you up in the present. The ways in which we relate to other people stem from our early relationships in life - and my work with you will be based on an integrative approach which looks at who and what you are now, from where and when you have been, through your relationships with myself and others.
Qualifications for Training, Coaching & Counselling
I am a Registered member of Counselling - a website for counsellors throughout the British Isles.
Angela Garry
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