Shortlisted: the Times / Hays PA of the Year 2011:
My nomination for this award was based mainly on the work that I do outside of my "day-time job": setting up networking and training events for PAs, and pushing for the role of the PA to be recognised as a leading profession in the global marketplace, not merely an extension of the quiet "Miss Jones" secretarial role of the last century. Shortlisting was based on a written nomination, followed by a telephone interview.
Press coverage: Announcement by Hays of the winner and the shortlisted finalists on the Hays website: 02 June 2011, and my local evening paper reporting on the shortlisting results: Derby Evening Telegraph: 30 March 2011

"Highly commended" Finalist: SecEd Headteacher's PA of the Year 2010
I was nominated for this award by my boss, David Harris, who is the Principal at the Nottingham University Samworth Academy. Shortlisting was based on a written nomination.
Press coverage: Sec-Ed announces the winner and finalists: 07 January 2011, and a PDF copy of the full 3-page article..

"Runner Up" Finalist: Westcountry News' Secretary of the Year 1998
Nominated by: Dr E. Sarah Burnett, Director, Westcountry Training and Consultancy Services, Exeter.
This was my first experience of being nominated by one of my managers for an award. Shortlisting was based on a written nomination. I was then invited to submit a written report and then at the Finals, to make a presentation to a panel of judges. I was delighted to be announced Runner Up, from a large number of secretarial staff throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Avon.
The world's most connected PA & PA Trainer on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. I joined the site in November 2006 and rapidly became a "super-networker", with a massive network.
My profile is at:
where I currently have over 2,1500+ first level contacts and a three-level network of over 38 million.

Why should you LinkedIn to me?
If you are not already a member LinkedIn, I would urge you to join - it's a very powerful networking site and you never know what it could lead you to!
If you're searching for someone on LinkedIn, your search results will depend on the size of your network - so the more people you are connected to, the better and more varied your results will be. Please feel free to send me an invitation to connect with you on the site - I accept all such invitations - and my first level and second level contacts will become your second and third levels, giving you an immediate total network of around 5 million.

Discussion groups for PAs on LinkedIn
In October 2007 I created the group "PAs, EAs, VAs and senior Administrators" - and the group currently has over 70,000 members worldwide. Members use the discussion forum to share knowledge, skills and experience with each other. The group is at
I also created the "Executive Search Group", "Global Education Administrators" and "NAHPA".
The world's most connected PA & PA trainer - and "PA of the Year" finalist
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